🇨🇭 Thun, Obere Hauptgasse 62, private apartment, ArtDeco full polished radiators

Brief story:

There are 7 cast iron radiators ArtDeco 955 in hand polished finish installed in one apartment of fully renovated historical house in centre of Thun. The biggest challenge was to achieve the surface of the radiator to fit client and architect requirements. We have made several samples before we got final approval to proceed the hand made surface for all 96 sections.


🇨🇿 Malý Šišák, Hotel-Garni, Art Deco electric radiator

There is 1 electric cast iron radiator Art Deco installed in the dining room of this fully renovated historic Hotel in Czech nature park Krkonoše. The main goal was to produce a cast iron radiator in electric version only. Missing central heating system, temperature fluctuation in room and stylish decoration leaded us to cover it with our ArtDeco classic cast iron radiator, filled with antifreeze and equipped with powerful electric element with thermostatic regulation.  (more…)